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#ResistMarch Frequently Asked Questions:


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Is there a Pride Parade this year?

This year, LA Pride is hosting a human rights march instead of a parade!  Our march is called the #ResistMarch and is in unity with sister marches taking place in New York, Austin, Seattle, Washington D.C. and other cities across the nation.

When and where is the #ResistMarch?

Sunday, June 11, 8am-1pm.  The march will start in Los Angeles, at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland.  It will end in West Hollywood.

Why is LA Pride hosting a civil rights march instead of a parade?

The beautiful display of strength and solidarity at the Women’s March in January was an inspiration to the world.  Building upon their legacy grassroots LGBTQ+ marches have been popping up around the country.  

The LGBTQ+ community includes people of every race, religion, philosophical belief, immigration status, gender and sexual orientation.  Members of our community and our allies are experiencing increased levels of hostility and discrimination and we must stand united to protect one another.  We are calling on everyone to peacefully march with us as a sign of our solidarity with another.  Instead of a Pride Parade meant to celebrate our past progress, we are going to march to ensure all our futures.  In 1970, the first ever permitted Pride Parade was hosted in Los Angeles and it was a civil rights march.  This year, we return to our roots!

Why is the march called the #ResistMarch?

Our human rights march is a peaceful declaration of resistance against the gathering forces in government that intend take away our hard-won basic human rights.  We resist forces that would divide us.  We resist those who would take our liberty.  We resist homophobia, xenophobia, sexism and racism. 

Is the march for the LGBTQ+ community only?

No.  The march is open to everyone who believes in compassion, tolerance and acceptance of all American citizens and Dreamers. We welcome all ages, sexual orientations and gender identities.  We also welcome all who want to stand up for women’s rights, immigrant rights, diversity, and truth.  This is a day of celebration and a renewed focus on political and social activism.

Is #ResistMarch a partisan protest?

No.  This human rights march is not a Red event.  It’s not a Blue event, either.  It is a Red, White, and Blue event for all Americans and Dreamers who believe that our country’s strength is its diversity.

How do I participate in the #ResistMarch?

Join us at 8am @ Hollywood and Highland prepared to march 3.2 miles peacefully.  Bring your signs, your enthusiasm, your authentic selves and show up ready to march!  We encourage larger groups to meet at a designated area of their choice and walk together.

Are there floats in the #ResistMarch?

No.  Safety comes first.  Although many of our LGBTQ+ community members and allies love watching or participating on the floats, it’s impossible to provide the safety measures necessary for any moving vehicle to participate before, during and after the march.  We encourage everyone to come and be a part of the march.  Walk with us.  Be with us.  Let’s demonstrate our solidarity!

In the past, companies and non-profit organizations had designated locations for their Pride Parade participants to meet.  Will that still exist?

No.  Everyone will meet at the start of the #ResistMarch, at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland.  Because we are inviting everyone to participate in this year’s #ResistMarch, there won’t be officially designated locations for anyone to meet.  Think of this as a similar experience as the Women’s March.  We are expecting hundreds of thousands of people to join this human rights march!  We encourage larger groups to meet at a designated area of their choice and walk together.

In the past, companies helped pay the expenses of the parade through sponsorship and float participation.  How can they help support LA Pride this year?

Hosting a march will cost six times as much as the parade did, but it’s the right thing to do!  There are multiple ways for companies and non-profit organizations to financially support the civil rights march:

1. Contact the #ResistMarch committee to learn about more ways to financially support the civil rights march at

2. Contact LA Pride to learn about more ways to become an official sponsor at

How can individuals financially support the #ResistMarch and LA Pride?

Thank you!  LA Pride is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We rely upon the donations from individuals to help pay for all LA Pride events.   

1. Visit

2. Visit and click on the red "SHOP" button.

Is there a fee for non-profit organizations, companies or individuals to attend the #ResistMarch?

Absolutely not!  This is a free event for anyone and everyone to join!  Come be a part of this historic event.

A civil rights march will cost six times as much as the Pride Parade?  Why?

The march route is three times as long as the parade route to ensure we have enough space for everyone to participate.  We will need to provide more portable bathrooms and the clean-up costs will be higher.  We’re also bringing in multiple stages, video screens and audio speakers for the rally at the end of the parade to ensure everyone can see and hear the inspirational and educational messages shared.  

Will there be bathrooms available?

Yes.  We will have portable bathrooms throughout the designated march route.

Will there be designated space for people to come and set-up seating to watch the march?

No.  It won’t be possible to provide designated space for seating.  Sorry!

Will there be ADA seating and viewing available to watch the rally?

Yes.  For more information, please email us at

Will there be a rally with public speakers before or after the march?  

Yes!  We will kick-off the #ResistMarch with a brief opening ceremony.  We will end the march with a rally that will include members of government, activists and special guest appearances.

Is there public transportation available to join the #ResistMarch?

Yes!  There is a Metro Red Line at the intersection Hollywood and Highland.  More details coming about public transportation in West Hollywood.  Due to the volume of people we expect to join the #ResistMarch, we encourage ride sharing and carpooling.

How can I find out more about the #ResistMarch?

Visit and click the “SIGN UP FOR UPDATES” red button and provide your contact information.  As we get more detailed information, we’ll email it to you!

What times does the LA Pride Festival begin on Sunday?

LA Pride Festival gates will open at 11am.  We will have additional video screens and audio speakers available inside of the LA Pride Festival event area to broadcast the #ResistMarch rally.  Once the rally has concluded, regular festival programming will begin!

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