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Genevieve Morrill, President / CEO

After unprecedented progress since the Black Cat Protest, Stone Wall Riots, AIDS and Prop 8, we’re challenged yet again and at crossroads of history. This time, we face the threat of those who wish to set us apart and reverse our progress.  But the real threat is apathy, complacency and lack of unity. Our West Hollywood Business Community stands proud and ready to join the #ResistMarch to show the world that we believe in an America that promotes equality and justice for all! 


Leron Gubler, President & CEO

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce welcomes the participants of #ResistMarch to Hollywood, where the first Pride March originated in 1970.  Protecting human rights is a responsibility of all free people.  There is no place in our society for discrimination, bigotry and hate.  When people make time to exercise their basic rights, they send an important message for freedom.  We commend all those who will participate on this important occasion.


Don Zuidema, Owner

As a business owner in West Hollywood since 1983 LASC has always been active and supportive of our community.  We have all faced many struggles over the years...the AIDS crisis, equal rights in the workplace, same sex marriage..we are now faced with an assault on the rights of not only our LTBTQ+ brothers and sisters but the rights and freedoms of women, our fellow immigrant community, people of color and we must protest to guarantee equality for all.  Now if the time for us to stand up, make our voices heard, get involved and make a difference. The businesses throughout West Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles can play an important role in rallying our employees, our customers and make sure we all take part in the #ResistMarch on June 11 


David Cooley, CEO

The LGBTQ community has made a lot of progress over the past decades which can all be erased if we do not remain vigilant.   Now is the time to make our voices are heard.  Now is the time for the LGBTQ community to stand together.  Now is the time to resist.   June 11 is the time to march.   The #ResistMarch is vital to protecting our human rights.


Michael Niemeyer, Owner

Our customers come from every corner of the globe because they know Micky’s celebrates their diversity. Micky’s has always been known as the place to go in West Hollywood where the LGBTQ+ community is free to express itself.  We’ve always stood with you on the front lines of equality, which is why we support #ResistMarch.  Join us on June 11th as we stand united with our brothers and sister marching for human rights.


Troy Masters, Publisher

After such extraordinary gains, we have extraordinary progress to protect and I, along with The Los Angeles Blade and The Washington Blade are happy to stand with #Resist March and LA Pride in doing just that by making this year's celebration a powerful statement about our dignity and a show of force from our allied communities. Congratulations.


Stanford Altamirano, Publisher

Along with the entire staff at THE FIGHT I am proud to partner with the #ResistMarch and LA Pride. As SoCal’s LGBTQ magazine we are proud to stand together with our community in the fight for equality, justice and dignity for all. Now is the time to speak out. Now is the time to joinTHE FIGHT.


Tom Doherty, Owner

West Hollywood traditionally and annually claims one weekend every June to 

recognize and celebrate the achievements of all civil rights actions and accomplishments

of several and varied groups and factions of ALL AMERICANS and those that aspire to be a part of this great nation. This year,, this particular weekend has serious significant meaning. This being said, #ResistMarch is the unilateral forum and title that has been chosen to represent the tenor of the importance of what this nation

is currently facing within the constitutional quagmire. This day and this weekend in June is crucial for our collective voices to be unified and heard LOUDLY. Please join in the celebration of all the rights that the constitution

has grown to include. Let's keep in mind that the Constitution has never yet been used

as a tool to decrease rights of any American, and it never shall

as long as we keep all of it's sacred meanings close to heart.

There will be plentiful economic and political gain for all who participate.


Gregory John, President and CEO

Four Peaks Business Development Ltd. is a Canadian company that was created to advance and support minority business development opportunities in both Canada and the United States. We support our American brothers and sisters as LGBTQ+ rights across the globe are being threatened by those who were put into power to protect them.

When one in our community is threatened, it is our collective responsibility, regardless of nationality, to stand by and protect those who are under attack. It is not time to be complacent and we at Four Peaks Business Development Ltd., along with millions of other Canadians are proud to support the 2017 Los Angeles #ResistMarch.


Brock McGillis, Owner

Be A Rock Sports is sports training group in Ontario, Canada.  Be A Rock does sport specific training with elite level athletes to better prepare them for their upcoming seasons and to help the athletes achieve their goals and dreams within their sport. 


Brock McGillis, owner and operator, is the first openly gay professional hockey player.  On top of assisting them in their specific sport, Brock strives to educate his athletes on diversity, inclusion and the importance of language.  By working in a heterosexual and hyper masculine field, McGillis hopes to create change to sport culture from within.  Brock also does public speaking at schools and organizations on his life and struggle as a closeted man in the hockey world.  He has been featured on national television and in newspapers, websites and blogs around the world.


Be A Rock fully supports the LA #ResistMarch.  We believe that everyone should have full equality, people should be treated the same and given the same rights regardless of their gender, sex, race, or orientation.  We stand in support with our American brothers and sisters in their fight for equality.


For over 25 years Adriana’s Insurance has actively fought for equality in our community. This year more than ever we are committed to moving forward and not falling victim of our current circumstances. Together we are stronger which is why we are proud to join the #ResistMarch on June 11th.

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